BREAKING: What Trump Just Did Will Cost Him The Presidency

During his big speech on Wednesday, Donald Trump had trouble speaking, which is not altogether unusual, in and of itself; however, officials and reporters were alarmed by something very strange that happened. In fact, it’s calling into question his ability to be president.

Below, we detail the odd incident and then go on to highlight other major slip ups Trump has made in the past several months.
Watch the video below and then read through Trump’s 10 biggest mistakes to date

Trump was speaking on the official recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital city of Israel – a controversial enough topic on its own, so the slurring, to some, was making the issue even more difficult to comprehend.

Trump and his administration will begin a process of moving the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which will take years, according to Reuters.

While Trump’s decision to officially name Jerusalem as the Capital will serve well in pleasing his core demographic – the final outcome simply can’t be measured. The repercussions of such a political move could bring about serious conflicts in Israel, where decisions such as Trump’s are not taken lightly.
 There are people everywhere cautioning that Trump may not be mentally fit to hold the Presidency; but it’s obvious that both his mental and physical faculties could be deteriorating. When Trump came to the end of his address, he could be heard slurring repeatedly:

But this certainly isn’t the only alarming mistake Trump has made as President. We’ve compiled the list of his slip ups and I bet you haven’t heard about a number of these major incident. Did you have any idea it was this bad? After reading through these, please let us know in the comment section.

Is Trump fit to be President of the United States?

Here are 20 photos Donald Trump would pay Shadow Brokers to take off the internet for good…

1.  Dishonoring the national flag


Trump went vocal with his famous 144 characters to blast out NFL star Colin Kaepernick’s deliberate choice to sit out of the National Anthem. However, as this photo reveals, Trump also has little or no allegiance to pledge for the anthem. Did things change after he became the president?

2.  Playboy’s man


Is it possible that when Trump took to the stands for this picture in the Playboy magazine, he had not dreamt to be the President? Grapevine says that he did it for love. For starters, when this happened, Trump was single and searching, or should we say mingling. It must have been Melanie’s idea, and there is a picture here to prove this.

3.  Trump’s lonely years

We understand that Trump was unmarried for six years, between 1999 and 2005 however, this picture shows that he was never lonely. He probably got some of the best bedmates during the period. But, what does that say about the President? Maybe babies can tell us, see next.

4.  Crying for freedom?

They say that babies can detect if a person is a threat even if he tries to mask it with a smile. If it was just one crying, we could excuse him, but both! Were they warning voters to stay away from the sheep-clothed monster or it was it just a baby handshake gone wrong? Well, Donald had suffered a more awkward handshake fails before this, see #6.

5.  That was not fair, Barrack


How embarrassing can it be when you are extending a handshake with a smile on your face, but the other person does not notice or is too busy posing for a picture? However, Trump had suffered a bitter one in 2015. See next.

6.  A refused high-five


It is humiliating enough to have you handshake ignored, but a high-five! That is just heartbreaking. That is why Donald Trump and Jebb Bush are probably not going to have a chit chat soon. In this picture taken during the 2015 GOP meeting, Trump tried to high five Jebb, but all he got was an embarrassing handshake. Even more, Jebb did not return the smile.

7.  Lorena Ochoa is probably a drug trafficker

During his campaign and even in office, Trump has shown contempt towards Mexicans. He wanted to build a wall to separate the two countries. However, this picture taken several years back shows Trump and Mexican golfer Lorena Ochoa all friendly and nice. Either Ochoa sells drugs too, or power got into Trump’s head. Talking about Donald’s head, he probably wouldn’t want a picture of his unkempt hair shared on the internet. But we just did.

8.  Electra complex


Trump once said that he would date his daughter Ivanka if she were not her daughter. But it seems father and daughter are already on it. And there is another picture of his daughter that is surely rubbing boys in the wrong place. You will know it when you see it, just read on.

9.  Father talks too much

All sons wear a proud smile when their fathers are addressing the public even if it’s just the troublesome neighbor. However, this picture shows Barron Trump yawning in his fathers’ inauguration speech. All in all, it is consoling to know that one more person found that speech tiringly long and boring.

10.  So we are to eat flowers in the White House?

It seems that Trump never prepared his household for life as the first family. While we can excuse Barron for being too young to know better, what do we conclude from this photo taken during the family’s first meal in the white house? One conclusion is obvious, having flowers on the same table with plates does not go down well with the First Lady.

11.  How many can afford this look?

Most of us look shabby and ugly with hair undone. But Trump is nowhere near being “most of us.” He is filthy rich and probably does not give a damn about many things we worry about. Nevertheless, he looks pretty ugly with this hair design, unlike most of us.

12.  A heartless message×600-f99e73a44da5088b99f460afd254f235.jpg

Trump probably regrets ever writing this careless, heartless message on the Holocaust visitor’s book. Find out what Obama wrote in the same book and you will know why this snapshot makes Donald look like a poorly schooled college kid. We bet this is why he found himself lonely during the NATO summit. Read next.

13.  Unaccommodating peers


When Trump attended his first NATO summit, he was truly a lonely man. Besides, his presence made his neighbors pretty tense. And was that spacing deliberate or that’s just how it has been? But does he really care? The next photo answers, succinctly.

14.  Trump reaffirms!!

We cannot remember what circumstance called for this “I don’t give a damn” sign, but the message was clear; when Donald is pissed, he is blind to all haters. He will do his thing, even flashing an Illuminati sign. See next.

15.  Trump sees the sun at moonlight

For those of us who do not trust images on the internet, this one was not easy to believe. Yet pictures do not lie. There is no record that Trump did this intentionally or just for the moment. But we know what conspiracy theorists think, read the title.

16.  Where it all began


This was in 2003. Trump took a picture with Melanie Knauss and her roommate, Victoria. It seems Melanie finally won the contest. Anyway, this obviously hurts the First Family’s reputation when compared to their predecessors.

17.  Daddy won’t see


We won’t be surprised if you take more time on this slide than the others and that is perfectly why Donald Trump does not want it on the internet. This is a picture of her 22 year old daughter Tiffany Trump. Since she shared it on her Instagram page, we are breaking no privacy rules.

18.  A new way to make America Great

Trump can surely make America great again, but if this is how he was going to do it, Pence wanted no part of it. So he let that creepy kiss pass. And Trump took it out on Hillary.

19.  Arguing with a woman

After a man refused his kiss he resorted to arguing with a woman during a discussion. If Trump is a gentleman as he makes himself to be, he probably regrets this moment. A priest had to teach him how to treat a lady.

20.  Now you are jealous?

Donald, is that jealousy in those eyes? He is a priest, so he is no competition, besides you have Melanie, and Bill is still alive. Anyway, we hope you learnt your lesson, mistreat a woman, and she will make you look stupid at the first opportunity.

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