WI Gov. Ends NFL Protests for GOOD — Pulls Curtain Back on League’s Dark Secret

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has taken the opportunity of using the Hallmark classification of October as Domestic Violence Awareness month to take a jab at the National Football League.

The Lutchman Report quotes Walker as stating, “It is time for players in the NFL to stop protests during the anthem and move on from what has become a divisive political sideshow. Instead, I encourage them to use their voices and influence to take a stand against domestic violence. Now would be an especially opportune time to strongly condemn domestic violence and lead the charge in supporting safe families across America.”

Walker’s ‘idea’ is not just a grasping at straws, but a legitimate attempt at raising awareness that NFL players are notorious for beating their significant others. Such behavior makes their SJW antics what it really is, a mockery of the SJW spirit.

Halting domestic abuse in the NFL family is something that players can directly impact. Will they take up the challenge or continue to perform politically motivated stunts for the Scoobie Snack of media attention?

What is your reaction?

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