Trey Gowdy in Off the Leash & He’s Aiming for James Comey

The chairman of the House Oversight Committee and a member of the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committee, Trey Gowdy (R-SC), has announced that the news just released late October 17, in which it is stated that former FBI Director James Comey pre-determined an exoneration for Hillary Clinton’s criminal misuse of a private email server, means that Comey will most likely appear before Congress once again.

Fox News recalls that Comey had said he gave Hillary a ‘get out of jail free card’ after her learned of a secret meeting between Bill Clinton and Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch. It has now been revealed that Comey had written an internal FBI memo stating he was going to exonerate Hillary a full month before Lynch and Bill Clinton met.

Gowdy told Fox News, “His [Comey’s] ostensible reason for taking that decision away from the Department of Justice was that meeting on the tarmac but yet a month and a half earlier he is memorializing a decision he’s already made so the chronology does not add up. His answers have been all over the map.”

Asked if the revelation would require Comey to once again sit uncomfortably before Congress, Gowdy retorted:

“Whenever somebody decides to charge someone, there are lots of layers of scrutiny. When you decide not to charge someone, there aren’t that many layers of scrutiny but there ought to be at least a couple. The media should do it but also Congress should look at this decision not to charge and whether or not it was made before you interviewed two dozen witnesses, including the target of the investigation, yeah we need to talk to him again.”

That will sit well with Hillary and Obama. He he he he.

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