Ted Nugent Just Obliterated Anthem Protesters with Brutally Honest Statement — He’s 100% Correct!

Ted Nugent just shared his view of the NFL players kneeling during our National Anthem and he tore into them like no other. His words have gone viral and that’s because it rings true!

On Facebook Ted Nugent Wrote:

“There is no racism in America, especially in the NFL. If there was racism in the NFL, the overwhelming white viewers and ticket buyers would not cheer on the 70% of blacks who constitute the players.

There are only ignorant whiners, useful pawns, excuse makers, ignorant clueless uneducated dumbasses and evil America hating Democrats who fan the dying embers of racism for votes.

Taking a knee won’t do anything to reduce black unemployment, black illiteracy, black on black crime, high school drop out rates, daily black on black slaughter, etc. Fixing that takes rolling up your sleeves and getting involved and being honest about real problems. Taking a knee is symbolism over substance, idiocy over intellect, lies over truth.

Take a knee after the game across the street. Spew all the nonsense, hate, ignorance and discontent you want. Burn the flag. Have a nice day with all that and more. Until then, show a little respect for the country who has given you so much. The ONLY country by the way ya dirt bags.”

Thank you Mr. Nugent. This is just perfect and so well said.

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