Monica Lewinsky Just BROKE THE INTERNET With EPIC Tweet About the Clintons

Monica Lewinsky set the internet on fire and slapped Hillary in the face for her fake displeasure with Harvey Weinstein’s current sexual harassment allegations.

With just a simple message, Hillary was again reminded of her husband being one of the biggest stories of sexual harassment.

Women’s march tweeted out the message below, encouraging women who have also been victim’s of sexual assault or harassment to step up and say ‘me too.’ Monica Lewinsky read this and commented back.

A simple hashtag that brought back the reminders of what she publicly experienced.

Hillary, you remember that? You stood by your husband and still do even though he did this to another woman. Yet, you call out Harvey Weinstein when he did the same exact thing.

Twitter exploded after Monica’s message.

Stand up for your mothers, sisters, wives, daughters and yourself! #metoo