FBI Just Released SMOKING GUN Evidence on James Comey — He’s Going Down!

This week, the Federal Bureau of Investigations released several documents confirming the illegal actions of former Director James Comey. We now have proof that Comey illegally drafted a statement declaring the conclusion of the Hillary Clinton email investigation months before he had actually interviewed her.

The records also reveal that back on May 2, 2016, Comey sent an email to Chief of Staff, Senior Counselor James Rybicki, Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and General Counsel James Baker. The subject of the email was labeled as “midyear exam,” and despite the email saying its contents are unclassified, the body of the email was redacted in the official release.

A response to the May 2 email was also released by the bureau this Monday. Rybicki sent the response, dated May 16, 2016 to Jonathan Moffa, Baker, E.W. Priestap, Peter Strzok and Trisha Anderson. The email, which is marked “unclassified,” Rybicki wrote, “Please send me any comments on this statement so we may roll into a master doc for discussion with the Director at a future date. Thanks, Jim.”

Are you surprised to find out that Comey may have acted illegally and wrote up a conclusion of the Hillary Clinton email investigation before even meeting with her?

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