Devastating Effects of the NFL Boycott REVEALED — The League is PANICKING!

At the current rate, NFL stadiums will be empty by week 11 of the season, if not sooner.

In the League, the patients rule the asylum. Players have used the publicity of an NFL game to carry out disgusting acts of disrespect for our nation by taking a knee during the playing of the anthem. Team owners initially endorsed the SJW antics of their employees, but when fans pushed back, they did a disingenuous about face and voiced their opposition to such stunts. So far, those words have not been met by deeds.

Fans have been combining words and deeds and have abandoned watching televised games and have fled the stadiums. Worse for the NFL, advertisers have begun to leave as well.

Conservative Fighters writes, “After President Trump called out the NFL team owners and urged them to fire any player which protested the national anthem, several major sponsors as well as many smaller ones have made the ultimate call to pull their advertisements from the league’s games, which only spells more bad news for the teams.”

In totality, the NFL has gone from one of the most watched and attended sports events to a plummeting rock.

The League has to be in panic mode, but will they listen to what the numbers are saying or will they listen to Establishment apologists like Sport Illustrated and The Atlantic that say falling numbers are due to lack of media quality and hurricanes? The answer will be found in what happens with viewership numbers and stadium ticket sales.