Cruz Just Said 4 Words that Made Trump Smile from Ear to Ear — Liberals are FURIOUS!

President Trump’s administration announced a plan to end the illegal cost-sharing Obamacare subsidies instituted under Barack Hussein Obama without a Congressional appropriation.

On Friday morning, Sen. Ted Cruz spoke with Fox news and praised the President’s action.

“It was exactly the right thing to do, these are massive bailouts to insurance companies,” Senator Cruz said. “The Democrats love that.”

Cruz explained that under Obamacare, insurance company profits have doubled. Which is what happens when people are forced by law to buy your product – thanks Barack.

The Senator said the insurance companies don’t need to be subsidized and that those subsidies were actually illegal to begin with.

“What the Obama administration was doing, writing billions of dollars of checks, was illegal. Congress hadn’t appropriated the funds. So, the president is doing the right thing, but it underscores the need in the Senate that we’ve got to step up and deliver on our promise to repeal Obamacare,” Cruz said.

“I think we’re close,” he added, noting that he won’t give up on fighting for full repeal.



Senator Cruz warned that failing to repeal Obamacare and pass tax reform could lead to a “bloodbath” for Republicans in 2018.

Are you glad that President Trump is implementing a plan to end the illegal cost-sharing Obamacare subsidies?

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