3 Roofers Heard the National Anthem at Nearby High School Football Game — What They Did Next Just Went Viral

The same system that produces spoiled jocks who make millions of millions while disrespecting our national anthem is the same system inhabited by hard working roofers pausing in their job to honor a nation that gives them the opportunity to make a living.

Conservative Fighters reports, that during the playing of the national anthem at a high school football game in Maine, three roofers working on the school stopped and with their hands over their hearts, stood with pride.

“The photo was taken on Saturday, Oct. 14, showing three workers standing with their hands over the hearts as the national anthem started to play at Waterville High School during a football game,” writes Fighters.

“They had no idea, anyone, even noticed but our community did,” Shanon Gurski Dixon told WMTW. “Several people had taken pictures of this patriotic act of kindness.”

It was a gesture that would have gone unnoticed in its expectedness years earlier, but the poison pill named Colin Kaepernick has spread the contagion of Leftist hatred of America throughout the nation. The roofers stood against this and we all should as well.

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