Our So-Called President Just Flipped Out On Twitter, And People Are Losing It — Enough Is Enough!

In a flurry of Tweets in the past twenty four hours, President Trump has managed to Tweet five times about his fake war on “fake news” beginning early yesterday morning. And in keeping with true Trump twitter fashion, he made himself look like a complete fool. Aside from using a social media platform as his main speaking point, the thoughts behind his comments put the icing on this cake.

In an astonishing move, Trump managed to turn his ire away from CNN for a moment to attack NBC, then insisted that NBC apologize for lying to the American people:

No one is impressed:

Then, Trump decided to make a plea to the Senate because his feelings and ego were apparently hurt by reporting that goes against his world view.

Twitter users responded to POTUS by trying to appeal to him with logic:

Others are just flabbergasted about Trump’s conduct:

Despite the pleas for the president to focus on the real issues, he kept up his flurry on Thursday morning in an apparent moment of senility repeating a Tweet about Tillerson from the day before.

And at this point, it has become one big joke leading to users seeing through and mocking the incensed words of POTUS:

Ultimately, in the wake of natural and man made disasters that have been racking up the last few weeks, the conduct of the President is just shameful.  People are over Trump’s childish attitude.

If you’re wondering what Americans think about Trump’s embarrassing and childish antics, look no further than a recent poll done by Quinnipiac University. Since November 2016, it’s a question everyone is familiar with and one we all ask. “What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of Donald Trump?” Depending on who you ask, the answers may vary. His lackeys would melt in ignorant adoration, calling him “successful” or “trust worthy”. Those who hate him use more creative words to describe him.

According to Quinnipiac, a credible polling agency, there’s one particular word that pop into American heads when thinking about Donald Trump. Their answer points to the absolute disdain and distrust for the President.

The word most thought of, even by his own supporters, is “idiot”.

Everything from the way he dresses to the incident where he looked directly at the sun during the eclipse, the response was still popular. “Idiot” is the first word that pops into American minds when they think about the man currently squatting in the White House.

Polls showed Americans most dislike Trump every time he opens his mouth, saying a whole bunch of nothing in the process. The ninth most popular word to describe him was “ignorant” and “stupid” is the twelfth.

He’s only been in the office nine months and Americans already think he’s a blundering baboon.

What do you think about Trump’s behavior?

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